How To Organize Cords

Technology is something that every home is built around. With it we are able to connect with friends and family in seconds and work on business or paying bills via the Internet. It helps to improve life and allows us to watch our favorite television shows on surround sound. The problem with having all of these machines around are the cords that run behind it and create a huge mess.

Anytime you clean behind the entertainment center or around the computer the cords get in the way. This is because we do not properly organize them when we are setting them up. The best thing you can use to accomplish this are Velcro cable ties.

First you need to shut everything off and unplug them all. Disconnect the cable and power cords on both ends and vacuum all of the dust that has accumulated over the past few months or years. Take a rag and remove all of the dust that has built up on the cords.

Count the number of machines and cords that they have. If it isn’t already you want all of them plugged into surge protectors. This will keep them from blowing out during a storm or power outage. If you can replace some of the longer cords with shorter ones to save on space.

Group three or four cords together at a time. If they are really long than tie one Velcro cable near the outlet and the other near the base of the television or computer or other unit. This will help to keep them from getting twisted and tangled. That way when you go to move everything you will know where it all belongs and won’t spend hours trying to detangle it all.