Velcro Cable Ties

The great thing about Velcro cable ties is that they are reusable and rarely wear out. Because they are made of Nylon, they aren’t susceptible to mold, mildew, rotting, dry rot, or many other ailments that organic materials are.

These reusable cable ties often come in a roll of about 50 and are sold in bulk to people in the music\recording industry, churches with large bands, party rental spaces which supply a sound system, and many others. They are commonly used in ambulances, to mount things to the walls of the vehicle, keeping them from shifting while in motion. Some Velcro cable ties are even used by NASA in applications in the space shuttles.

I’ve even seen homeless men who get their hands on Velcro cable ties and use them to replace shoe strings, torn zippers, belt buckles, you name it, and a Velcro straps can be used. I have personally used the zip ties in my greenhouse while installing a temporary irrigation system, they have held up now for almost three years, although they are exposed to high temperatures, humidity, UV rays, water, pests, etc. etc.

They seem to be almost impossible to break, meaning that they can be thrown around in whatever application you may choose to use them.  Velcro strap will take a lot of abuse from many different sources. They will basically take whatever you can throw their way and keep on working. After all, they’re made up on Nylon which is easily one of the most resilient fabrics ever invented. When used properly Velcro cable ties are virtually reusable for a lifetime, maybe even more!